Skiing With Children



Skiing with children needn't be stressful after all the ski slopes are a place to have fun! Skiweb has a great range of products that can help your little ones be safe and happy and the slopes. If you need any help or advise email or find us on Skype - Skiweb. The Skiweb team all love to either ski or snowboard and most of us have been skiing with children. There's not much we don't know about what can make your time on the slopes be fun!

Some suggestions that are sure to be a hit with the kids!

Kids Plastic Skis & Poles
Childrens plastic skis and poles will be a great hit with little ones from Age 2 - 4. Getting them off to a great start on learning areas

Kids Snowboard just the ticket to get them learning on hills and learning areas


Kinderlift Ski Jackets - Be safe be seen with a support strap to help little ones on and off ski lifts

kinderlift ski vest

Instant Hand Warmers
Hothands Instant Hand Warmers are little sachets that heat up when shaken and last all day. Keep a couple in your child’s pockets or gloves to warm their hands. Pack of 10  


Kids Ski Carrier
Children find it hard to carry skis so use Skiweb ski carrier. It wraps the skis and poles in to one unit so they can carry them safely.

kids ski carierkids ski carrier

Child's Balaclava & Neck Tubes
Skiweb fleece neck tube with a comfortable head cover is perfect for wearing under their ski helmet. It will keep them warm and comfortable all day long.

Children Learning to Ski
If your childen are new to skiing grab Got"U" Ski Harness, it helps you to keep them in control on the slopes and builds their confidence and if you use with our ski wedgy learning can't go wrong! They will love the confidence it gives them. 

Ski Wedgieski wedgie
This little item called Ski Wedgie keep's the skis in a plough or pizza position. Making learning to ski easier and safer for your child. 

Mitten Clips

Don't loose any gloves or mittens!  Mitten Clips to keep gloves attached to jackets. Simple but effective!  

Children's Ski Gloves

When buying gloves for children make sure the ski gloves fit well. Skiweb gloves some in all sizes from Age 4 up use our size chart to get the best fit. Little ones get cold quickly so silp in a pair of Heatmax Instant Hothands in each day to sure they keep warm all day long  

Rucksacks For Kids
Just the job to take to ski school with lots of compartments this waterproof rucksack is the perfect size with our special Freddie Ski Buddy Logo

Kids love to have fun in the snow - Make sure they are warm and dry and they will be happy for hours!


Check Out Our Ski Buddy Range & Our Award Winning Ski Carriers

ski carriers