Skiweb Ski Carriers - Simply The Best Ski Carrier!

Carrying skis & poles can be difficult but why struggle? Use Skiweb Ski Carrier and carry your skis over your shoulder. 

 Do you love skiing but hate carrying Skis? Use Skiweb - Buy Now! 

We have all been there, struggling with skis,poles and boots around the slopes and getting to and from the car lot on ice and snow. It's a a nightmare! And if that's not bad enough if you have children you will end up carrying theirs as well. Skiweb is just the thing to make it easy, we designed it because we loved skiing but hated carrying our equipment. 

Using Skiweb you can carry your skis and poles over your shoulder, just like a bag. They even feel lighter as the skis are vertical distributing the weight down your body. Once you have used a Skiweb Ski Carrier you want go skiing with out one.

Check out the easy how to use Video

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 Customer Reviews: 

"The Skiweb Ski Carrier is one of the simplest and best ski items I own. It's just 2 Velcro straps with a strap between them. I keep it on my skis even inside the ski bag to keep them from rattling around. It’s a lifesaver when you have to walk a half mile to the slope. The best thing is when you do get to the slope this thing is so small that easily fits in a pocket. I usually stash it in a pocket on my Camelback.  Other carriers are too big and bulky to fit in a pocket, or they come in 3 pieces just begging to lose one of them. The Skiweb is all one piece, so there are no separate pieces to lose."

"I've always hated lugging my skis and poles around because they are so awkward to carry, especially up and down the ski hill. This simple, easy to use product is AWESOME! In fact, it is so great that I bought it as a Christmas gift for everyone in my family who skis. They all loved it as well."


Why Skiweb Ski Carrier?

  • No Adjustments - Suitable for Adults & Children
  • Enables you to carry multi sets of skis and poles with ease
  • Ultra compact ski carrier and perfect size to carry when skiing
  • Skis and poles be come one unit
  • Reduce's the risk of damage to skis
  • Vertical carring makes it easy to get around and safe for others
  • Perfect to use on your own skis or ski rentals
  • Recommended by The Sunday Times Good Gear Guide


For the Kids! The Handheld ski carrier is pefect for little ones to carry their skis and poles like a bag in their hand. Mom & Dad's can carry multi sets in the hand and over shoulder using Skiweb Ski Carriers.   Freddie Spider Ski Buddy Range will help your child carry their own skis - BUY NOW

Skiweb Ski Carrier - Wrap It Strap It & GO! - The Award Winning Design - BUY NOW

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