How To Use Skiweb Snow Ski Carriers

Skiweb Ski Carriers are the easy and safe way to carry skis & poles. Everyone loves to ski but some hate carrying the skis, they can be heavy and awkward and out of choice most people would prefer not to have to carry them!

If you have to get to the slopes walking or on a bus Skiweb will make your day! Wrap your skis and poles together and pop over your shoulder, they feel lighter and you are streamlined leaving you hands free. For many years as skiers we struggled but no more with Skiweb. Pop in your pocket and use at anytime you can store them with  Skiweb on ready to head for the slopes next day.

ski carrier

Skiweb Ski Carrier is easy to use, it wraps everything into one to carry over the shoulder. Established in 2005 this ski carrier has become know world wide.

Don't struggle any more, use it to get around the resort with ease, taking it off and poping in your pocket when you get to the slopes ready to use again at any time.


Kids Skiweb - Hand Held Version For Little Ones

Children can carry their own skis or parents can carry multi sets with ease.